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The following article will handle “the execute permission was denied on the object” error appears on SQL Server. Locate ‘Quality Windows Audio Video Experience’, right-click on it and select properties. You can run a command in command prompt to fix this error. One possible way to fix the issue is to delete Discord AppData folder in Discord folder in Windows computer. Visit the Discord website and download the latest version of the apphere. In the Control Panel, click on the highlighted ‘’Uninstall a program’’ text located just below the ‘’Programs’’ icon.

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This contributes to part of the problem as most all of the consumers drinking the tap water have no practical way of measuring Chromium concentrations. The truth is you could be drinking it right now and have absolutely no idea.

Discord Launch JavaScript Error

This study recovered 25.3±1.1% vanadium with the maximum power density of 572.4±18.2mW/m2. Treated Cr -contaminated synthetic wastewater in fed-batch mode by using wastewater as a catholyte and anaerobic microorganisms as an anodic biocatalyst. Complete reduction of 100mg/L Cr was achieved with the maximum power density outputs of 150mW/m2 (0.04mA/cm2), and the open circuit voltage of 0.91V was generated by using 200mg/L Cr as a catholyte. When the installation begins, keep following the prompts in order to continue with the installation process. Do not make any changes to default settings and when the program has finished installing, a welcome screen will be displayed. When the Add or Remove Programs or the Uninstall Program screen is displayed, please scroll through the list of programs and double-click on each of the entries listed in bold below to uninstall them. Before downloading any software , check carefully through the “optional installs” MediaPlayer malware or other hidden features in the fine print that most people skip over.

  • So, thanks for reading this troubleshooting post and we hope it has helped you.
  • This is similar to the steps above, except you manually delete all of the program’s data from your PC.
  • Corrupt program files – If your program or its settings have gone corrupt, this error and others may be triggered.

If this service isn’t running properly, you’re likely to experience the Discord JavaScript error. The process varies in different anti-virus applications. If you don’t know how to do this, please refer to the guide of your anti-virus program. If this method didn’t solve the JavaScript error, please try the next fix. By ensuring that Discord is fully closed and not running in the background, you can prevent any conflicts or errors that may cause the “A JavaScript Error Occurred In The Main Process” error. Follow these steps to optimize your system for Discord and enjoy a smoother, more stable experience on Windows 10. Next, you have to uninstall the program completely in order to make sure the Discord fatal JavaScript error doesn’t pop up again later on.

Method 2:

Password ManagerYou’re lucky if you have used a password manager for a long time. Open your password manager and locate the account you want to delete.

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