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Organization Name: Rai Bareilly Welfare Foundation (RWF)

  1. Any senior family member who is related to each other and willing to adhere by the organization’s laws and regulations is eligible to join us.
  2. Consent of the individual for membership and monthly donation of Rs.200 will be sufficient Individuals or families who cannot afford it are assigned status with their own agreement and can pay less.
  3. There will be no membership charge, but you will be required to pay the admin two hundred rupees in advance every month.
  4. All organizational matters will be settled by the members in the general body meeting through voting, and the election of the managing committee office bearers may also take place.
  5. Any member may withdraw from the organization at will by writing notice.
  6. No member shall engage in any behavior that may jeopardize the organization’s objectives, resources, or property.
  7. No member may engage in political, religious, or anti-national activities.

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