About Us

Please read our Dastoor Document for your clear understanding in Urdu.

Organization Name: Rai Bareilly Welfare Foundation (RWF)


Current Office of the Organization at 98-B Block 15 Gulistan e Johar to be established in each Karachi.  And it can be moved anywhere by a majority vote of the members.


All activities and scope of the organization shall be limited to its members, their families and immediate relatives who belonged to Rae Bareli district of UP and migrated after partition of the sub-continent) who are in Pakistan or Are residing abroad (except India).

The aims and objectives:

Close relations between all members and their families and relatives are to promote harmony, mutual support, love and respect.  – To raise and promote the social, economic and educational status and quality of members, their children and their families.  To assist any member in removing the causes of trouble as far as possible.  Any member needs financially and morally within his means. Helping those who are victims of social injustice or affected by natural calamities.  To control all the information of the members and all their relatives.  To implement programs and schemes that promote the general welfare of members and their families.  Although the financial resources of the organization allow.  – To keep alive and nurture the spirit of brotherhood and mutual respect among the younger generation of members.

Our Team

These wonderful people make it all possible
Mr. Ashar Jameel
Mr. Ashar Jameel
President, RWF
Mr. Faraz Ul Haq Siddiqui
Mr. Faraz Ul Haq Siddiqui
Vice President, RWF
Mr. Shariq Ul Siddiqui
Mr. Shariq Ul Siddiqui
General Secretory, RWF
Mr. M. Faizan Ul Haq Aarfi
Mr. M. Faizan Ul Haq Aarfi
Finance Secretory, RWF


What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

It just has been such an amazing process to get me through this program.

Mr Saleem

Truly blessed for the opportunity to join you all… it was undeniably life changing and I find myself more inspired than ever to carry this energy forward in all aspects of my life.


RWF is a great charity platform, Thanks for helping US.

Rida Ahmed