About Us

Please read our Dastoor Document for your clear understanding in Urdu.

Rai Bareilly Welfare Foundation (RWF)

Office: 98-B, Block 15 Gulistan e Johar, Karachi


Inclusive: We extend our warm arms to welcome all members, their families, and extended relatives who trace their roots back to Rae Bareli, regardless of when they moved or where they currently reside

Focusing on shared identity: As descendants of Rae Bareli, we understand the importance of community and connection. Our organization exists to support and celebrate all individuals with our shared heritage, their families, and immediate relatives.

Highlighting benefits: Joining our organization opens a door to a vibrant community of fellow Rae Bareli descendants. No matter where you live, you’ll find connections, support, and a network of individuals who share your history and heritage.

Warm and direct: We’re thrilled to welcome everyone connected to Rae Bareli, from generations past to present! Come join us in fostering our shared heritage and creating a network of support and connection

The aims and objectives:

Building a strong and connected community:

Fostering close relationships: We aim to cultivate harmony, mutual support, love, and respect among members, their families, and extended relatives. We believe in strengthening our bonds across generations.

Empowering one another: We strive to raise and promote the social, economic, and educational status of our members, their children, and families. We provide opportunities for growth and advancement.

Offering compassionate support: We stand by our members in times of need. We assist in overcoming challenges, offering both financial and moral support within our means. We help those facing social injustice or natural disasters.

Preserving our heritage: We keep alive and nurture the spirit of brotherhood and mutual respect among the younger generation, ensuring our history and values continue to thrive.

Investing in our future:

Implementing impactful programs: We develop and implement programs and schemes that promote the overall well-being of members and their families, focusing on areas like education, healthcare, and community development.

Making responsible use of resources: We utilize our financial resources wisely and prioritize programs that deliver the most significant impact for our community

Join us to:
Build a stronger, more supportive community for our families.
Create opportunities for personal and professional growth.
Make a positive difference in the lives of others.
Preserve and celebrate our shared heritage for future generations.


These wonderful people make it all possible

Mr. Naseem ul Haq Siddiqui

President, RWF

Mr. Rizwan Junaid

Voice President, RWF

Mr. Danish Siddiqui

Planning Coordinator, RWF

Mr. Faraz ul Haq Siddiqui

General Secretory , RWF

Ms. Zoha Zain 

Information Secretory, RWF

Mr. Muhammad Ausaf Siddiqui

Finance Secretory, RWF


What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

It just has been such an amazing process to get me through this program.

Mr Saleem

Truly blessed for the opportunity to join you all… it was undeniably life changing and I find myself more inspired than ever to carry this energy forward in all aspects of my life.


RWF is a great charity platform, Thanks for helping US.

Rida Ahmed